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Ben Jenkins’ Story


At age 3 Ben Jenkins was diagnosed with severe autism. Doctors said he would probably never talk or love, and that he might need to be later institutionalized. Not accepting this, his parents started him on an applied behavior analysis (ABA) home therapy program with Breakthrough Interventions. Ben has achieved greatly. He graduated from Denver School of the Arts, where he majored in piano. He worked as a summer camp counselor and was elected prom king.

Ben is an exceptionally gifted pianist. In 2013, he auditioned for and was accepted into the Berklee College of Music in Boston. However, his dreams of going to Berklee were put on hold.

Ben-to-Berklee-2All family money — and future college funds — were spent on providing over 6 years of ABA therapy for him, without which he wouldn’t be where he is today. So, with one more challenge facing him, Ben had to raise his tuition to attend Berklee in the Fall of 2014.

With the help of generous donors, much media coverage and several live piano performances, Ben not only raised tuition money but Berklee — seeing his determination to attend — gave him a full scholarship. Today he lives independently and is working toward his dream of becoming a professional musician.

Ben has also released an EP containing original music titled “Ben to Berklee”.

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Want more Ben Jenkins music? Get his feature length EP, “Ben to Berklee”, containing original songs and performances.

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