Salutations! I am Benjamin Jenkins. I have many nicknames, such as Bennie and Ben-JAM-In, but formerly, I love to be called Ben. I have a developmental disorder called autism.  I have an exceptional comprehensive skill on classic novels; I dance as my workout; but most of all, I have been born to play the piano. You see, the piano is the most beautiful gift that I had loved, played with & played on, and listened to my entire life. This year, as a senior in high school, which I am nervous but ecstatic for, I will be honored to have such successful talent and prepare for my future.  I started talking when I was 5 and got diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). When I had my first trip to Mountain Rose (a little cabin, a tiny bit northwest of Fort Collins), I had my first song that I sang from “The Wizard of Oz” and my family laughed their heads off.  It was then that I first learned to sing.  I have had a piano teacher named Bonnie Dodd-Bensen since I was 8.  I have been attending the Denver School of the Arts (or simply called, DSA) as my high school, and I auditioned there for the Piano Department. This is not just the story about my love of the piano, but also the story of my last year in my present school, that I will be sharing in this blog.  Incidentally, I would like to share two topics: 1. why I love the piano and why I was born to play it. & 2. why I have been accepted to DSA.  My first topic is as follows: As I said before, the piano is the inspiration of my life and the most beautiful-sounding gift. This instrument has touched my heart and emotions wherever and whenever I practice, and recite my music for my family, my friends, and the crowds of people.  It is my best talent and has helped to give me my love for music. Every time I listen to the piano on a recorded song or when I practice it, sometimes it reaches out for me. The melody and the harmony cheer me up when I feel down during my practice. The ebony and ivory reflect my personal background and my fingers to the sounds of its music.  I will always be part of this beautiful, majestic, and grand masterpiece! The second topic is as follows: Because DSA has a great variety of musical arts; I wanted to go to that school. It’s not just high school, you see; most of the students begin in 6th grade. This school keeps a good schedule for the concerts and auditions. I auditioned for 9th grade. DSA has great students and friends, great teachers, great events, fun and learning. Most of all, DSA is the only place where I love to get together, to learn, to have fun, and to focus and enjoy the music around the building.