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1:1 In-Home Programming

A therapy team of 2-3 therapists will work with your child and your family to provide individualized and intensive one-on-one in-home programming.

Individual Psychotherapy

A licensed psychotherapist will provide therapeutic services to children and adults HFA, or children who have social and/or behavioral needs.

Family Psychotherapy

A licensed psychotherapist will provide therapeutic services to the family, helping them to form a supportive environment that allows the child to thrive.

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Working Together

Additional Services

School Consultations

Breakthrough Interventions, LLC understands the importance of consistency between your child’s home and school environments and that is crucial for your child’s success. In order to meet behavioral and social needs of your child we offer school consultations. That way both school and home environments can collaborate to determine and implement the best strategies that will make your child successful in both environments.

Services include:

-Attending IEP meetings
-Collaborate with school to create and write IEP goals
-Consult with teachers and special education staff
-Facilitate play at recess

Seminars/Training for Parents and Professionals

Breakthrough Interventions, LLC has been involved in many community outreach programs to educate people about autism. We offer both online and in-person seminars and trainings that are designed to educate people about the different therapeutic approaches that work with children with autism, autism awareness and acceptance, and how to create more inclusive environments. We provide seminars tailored to meet the needs of the organization and school.

Online Courses

Breakthrough Interventions, LLC offers online courses for both parents and professionals around the world. Each course provides step-by-step techniques and strategies developed by Dr. Annette Nunez on how to address different aspects of autism and successfully implement the Breakthrough Approach in your home or in your professional setting. To learn more about these courses and how you can Breakthrough and learn the secrets to achieve Dr. Annette Nunez’s 92% success rate, click here.