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  • 30 Jan 2018

Maylene April Visaya is licensed Professional Counseling and became a National Credited Counselor in 2014.  She received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Denver and then earned her M.A. in Clinical Mental Health in 2010. Throughout college Maylene received many academic honors and was a part of Psi Chi. She also volunteered at various organizations to broaden her knowledge and experience in the area of psychology. She volunteered at residential treatment homes, tutored at-risk youth, and helped adults with disabilities transition into independent vocational programs. However, it was her volunteer work as a para-educator for children with autism that sparked her interest in working with this population.

After graduation Maylene started working at Breakthrough Interventions in order pursue her desire of working with children with autism. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Annette Nunez, Maylene was trained in Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Floortime, and the Social Competence Inclusive Play (SCIP) model. She has over 10 years of experience working with children on the spectrum. This experience includes working in 1:1 in-home settings, transitioning children from home to school environments, and consulting with various school districts. Maylene also participated in Dr. Nunez’s research in which she was an integral part of the data collection and item development of the Children’s Social Competence Scale.

Currently, she trains and supervises all Breakthrough Interventions senior staff, conducts assessments, and writes individualized treatment plans for all clients. Maylene co-authored the book Friendship Is … and is co-owner of AMPublishing along with Dr. Annette Nunez. She will continue to write books aimed to influence positive change. In addition, she and Dr. Nunez own of a private practice that provides effective counseling to individuals and couples. Maylene will continue to pursue her passion in helping people achieve healthy and positive mindsets.