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At Breakthrough Interventions, LLC we view each child as an extraordinary individual, not as one with limits.


Our vision is to empower children with ASD and other developmental delays to live a successful and independent life.


Our mission is to enrich your child's life and empower them to become self-actualized individuals.

BI Approach

“Autism has no limits.” ~Dr. Annette Nunez

Based on my 24 years of experience in working in the field, I developed the Breakthrough Interventions Approach that allows parents to see breakthroughs with their child everyday. This 5-step Model is designed to address all facets of autism by understanding your child’s individuality and building on his/her strengths. The BI Approach teaches both parents and children that life has no limits and children begin to blossom with confidence and positive self-esteem. To learn more about the BI Approach click below.

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1:1 In-Home Programming

A therapy team of 2-3 therapists will work with your child and your family to provide individualized and intensive one-on-one in-home programming.

Individual Psychotherapy

A licensed psychotherapist will provide therapeutic services to children and adults HFA, or children who have social and/or behavioral needs.

Family Psychotherapy

A licensed psychotherapist will provide therapeutic services to the family, helping them to form a supportive environment that allows the child to thrive.

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Breakthrough Worldwide

Breakthrough Interventions provides national and international seminars that are designed to educate, train, and coach both parents and professionals on ways to achieve a 92% success rate using the Breakthrough Approach. Breakthrough Interventions currently has two locations located in Denver, Colorado and Durban, South Africa. To learn more about our South Africa Site click below.

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We here at Breakthrough Interventions stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Violence and discrimination across America remind us we have more work to do in order to stop systemic racism. Breakthrough Interventions has always been commited to increasing and promoting inclusion in all parts of our practice from having diversity in staff, diversity in those we serve, and diversity with the learning tools and toys we use with our clients and families. The work of implementing change is our responsibility. We firmly believe that change starts within the home by practicing empathy, compassion, and teaching confidence and advocacy for all our unique individual attributes including race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, and nuerodiversity. Let’s join together as a community to renew our determination to create a just and anti-racist environment so that future generations can live successful and independent lives in an accepting and inclusive world.

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