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At Breakthrough Interventions, LLC we view each child as an extraordinary individual, not as one with limits.



Our vision is to empower children with ASD and other developmental delays to live a successful and independent life.



Our mission is to enrich your child's life and empower them to become self-actualized individuals.

Breakthrough Interventions South Africa

Breakthrough Interventions South Africa 1:1 behavioral therapy for children with ASD, provides school facilitation, as well as parent and teacher training.

Breakthrough Interventions South Africa is a branch of Breakthrough Interventions in Denver, USA. We provide school facilitation as well as 1:1 individualised behavioural therapy sessions for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Intensive behavioural therapy teaches children to communicate and express themselves verbally, as well as promote their academic, social, and independence skills. We teach children how to regulate their own emotions and behaviour and then assist them with learning how to learn. We advocate for mainstream schooling for all the children we work with in order for them to reach their full potential.

Phone number: 031 8370352

Address: 115 Bulwer road Glenwood

Time to Help Others



1 on 1 therapy

1:1 sessions deliver a unique program for children aged 2-18 years of age with ASD that works on each child’s challenges.


School Facilitation

Our school facilitators are familiar with the educational requirements for schools and they help the child adjust to the mainstream classroom.  Our facilitators attend school with the child in order to assist with their needs while providing classroom support.


Social Groups

We offer 3 social groups each week: one for pre-schoolers, one for junior primary and one for senior primary.

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Parent & Teacher Training

This is included for all families that are clients of Breakthrough Interventions South Africa as well as interested parties. The training includes a discussion of what ASD is and how Behavioural Therapy can support the child’s development.

Working Together

Additional Services


Social Group for Pre-Schoolers

Social group for pre-schoolers typically follows the general classroom routine and allows the children to learn about taking turns, sitting in ring time, working together, group tasks and developing friendships. Contributing to group discussions and learning how to present show and tell are also areas the children grow in.

Junior Primary School Social Group

Junior primary school social group assists the children with efficiency and speed in completing work, independence in the classroom, spontaneous contributions to group discussions, overcoming stressful school events such as sports days or outings amongst other things.

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Senior Primary Social Group

Senior primary social group includes life skills and social skills such as how to make and keep friends, anger management, coping mechanisms, dealing with bullying and much more.

Meet Caz Collins

Caz Collins M. Med. Sci, ASD

Senior Behavioural Therapist

At Breakthrough Interventions, LLC we view each child as an extraordinary individual, not as one with limits. Our foremost priority is to focus and build on your child’s individual strengths and needs while promoting them to reach their fullest potential.

Caz Collins holds a Master of Medical Science Degree in Autism Spectrum
Disorder and a B. Soc. Sci. In Psychology and Industrial Psychology. Since
2008, she has run her own practice, using Behavioural Intervention to treat
children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Caz trains teachers and school staff on successful and appropriate methods
for integrating children with ASD into mainstream classrooms. In addition,
she offers training workshops for 1:1 facilitators, behavioural instructors,
school facilitators, and parents of children on the Autism Spectrum. Caz is
a spokesperson for parents who want to integrate their children with ASD
into mainstream schools.
Caz is a mother of three boys, the oldest of whom is on the Autism spectrum.
She has 14 years of first hand experience with the condition and the impact
it has on families; this includes the heartache and the success, as well as
strategies for meaningful developmental gain. Caz’s passion lies in seeing
children on the Autism Spectrum growing towards their full potential and
finding their voices. Caz has been the guest speaker at numerous Autism
functions throughout South Africa.

Fun Run for Autism Awareness

Each year in April (Autism Awareness Month) Breakthrough Interventions South Africa hosts “The Blue and You Autism Awareness Fun Run”. This fun run seeks to promote awareness of those with ASD who are part of our families and communities. We want inclusion in schools, and access to services for those with ASD. Anyone who wants to be part of promoting inclusion and acceptance of those with ASD Come and Join us! To find out more about the Fun Run checkout our Facebook page.

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